Friday, September 7, 2007


I got into bleach in 2005, It's the story of Ichigo Kurosaki a teenage a boy who can see ghosts/spirits. He eventually meets a Death God (Shinigami) named Rukia. Rukia saves his sisters from an evil Hollow but is injured during the battle. In order to defeat the Hollow Rukia gives Ichigo her Death God powers and Ichigo is able to send the Hollow to the After Life (Soul Society). While Rukia recovers from her injuries, Ichigo is tasked with the job of Death God. It is his responsibility to send all Hollows to the Soul Society and to also send any lingering spirit to the Afterlife (soul Society).

If you would like to watch this anime you can download the episodes at all you need is a bit torrent client (I use bitlord) and a video player.

You can download the torrent client bitlord from

For a video player you can use VLC . You can download this from

Another Anime I watch is Naruto, you've probably heard of this from Cartoon Network. I suggest watching the Japananese Versions with English subtitles. The english dubbed naruto is terrible compared to the Japanese versions.

Both these shows can be downloaded at Dattebayo.


Lex said...

SHARINGAAAANNN!!! Yup I agree that the jap version beats the english one, hands down. The voices, especially Gaara's, can't be replaced.

Lex said...

Oh hey btw, I need a new page to get my movies from. U.S. residents are now blocked off on torrentspy lol.