Friday, September 7, 2007

Cable? What is that?

I haven't had cable for the past 5 years now. I was tired of all the crap MCV was putting out on a daily basis. I would be watching a movie and then 30 minutes into the movie the BLUE SCREEN from hell would pop on and then be replaced with a show that aired the day before. Not to mention all the shows were about 1 week late unless of course the show didn't arrive then it would be 2 weeks late or not even air at all. So I went over to MCV canceled my service and spent my money elsewhere. Unfortunately there was no replacement service, Saipan Cable TV folded so I couldn't get my shows anywhere else. I eventually realized I didn't miss cable at all. I read more books, played more video games and went outside a lot more.

I did however miss a couple of shows like Scrubs, Dead Like me, and My Name is Earl. I solved this problem though when DSL was finally introduced to the island. I now download all my shows via Torrents. So while everyone else on saipan is a week late on the latest 24 or Heroes I get it 1 hour after it has aired in the states. I also download shows that have been off air for awhile now. I caught up on the Sopranos (What the hell was up with that series finale?), Eureka (best damn show on Sci-fi right now), Heroes (can't wait till this starts up again), 24 (season 6 was a disappointment), Farscape (possibly THE greatest sci-fi show ever). List goes on and on.
I burn all my shows onto dvd-r discs and are readily available anytime I want to watch them.

So folks you really don't need cable, fill your time doing other things or just download your favorite shows.


Lex said...

Hey Franky, just wanted to say that cable treated me good when I was still on Saipan :P

CYN said...

I have nothing against the cable modem portion of the cable service. It's the TV part that is annoying. It's not worth the 60+ dollars a month.