Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cyn on windows 7

so i just got my new laptop a lenovo x200 so far it’s been but i’ll be posting more later.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Ipod is better than your Ipod

Add ImageFor Christmas I treated myself to an Ipod Touch 3rd generation. I had been looking for a portable media device for a very long time. I had an Audiovox PDA cellphone that I used for awhile. Only problem was there wasn't ever enough space for all my movies/tv shows/music. So after awhile the PDA ended up in my drawer of gadgets that I never use anymore. I also had a PSP that I used for awhile but again the storage wasn't enough. I ended up giving the PSP to my niece.

Finally the Ipod touch caught my eye. It has between 8-64 gigs of space, I bought the 32 gig version. It has a beautiful LCD screen, intuitive GUI, a sleek small casing design that fits into your pocket. It can play mpeg4 videos and mp3 music files. It has apps that can be useful and can be downloaded from the itunes store. It can also play games that can also be downloaded from the Itunes store. The battery life isn't that bad either. It lasted 12 hours on a trip from Saipan to San Francisco.

When I bought the Ipod I never intended to pay for music or videos. I'm not much of a music fan anymore, so there are only so many songs that I listen to these days. As far as movies well you can't fit a dvd player in your pocket and I don't feel the need to pay itunes for every single movie that I watch. I'm sorry but I just can't afford all those movies. So I download my movies via torrents (earlier post about torrents). I use a program called WinFF to convert the movies to the Ipod format. This can be a time consuming process but it is definitely worth it. One movie takes about 20 minutes to convert and one tv show takes about 10 minutes. The great thing about the conversion is the file size. One movie is about 300 megs and one tv show is about 150 megs. So you can store alot of movies and tv shows on a 32 gig Ipod Touch.

Great uses for the Ipod

1). Standing in line. What a great way to kill time in a line. I listen to music, play bejeweled, watch a tv show. It's a great device to have standing in line at the bank on a payday.

2). Airplane. I went to training in San Francisco in January. Man this Ipod kept me from going insane on the 8 trip from guam to hawaii then the 4 hour trip from Hawaii to SF. There were these two toddlers sitting behind me screaming and crying. Did I mind? Nope not with my Ipod in hand. I watched Seasons 2 and 3 of the simpsons and didn't even notice the noise.

3). Long Install. I work for the CNMI government and well there are alot of slow computers in the goverment. So when I need to install something on one of these slow computers I start the install then sit back and watch a movie while it installs.

4). Doctors Appointment. So they gave you an appointment for 8:30am, but the doctor is busy and can't see you at 8:30am. The receptionist kindly asks you to wait your turn. No problem you've got your Ipod.

So that's my ipod post. I recommend that if you need a portable media device, get an Ipod.By the way I really wanted an Iphone but well they dont sell those on Saipan yet. When they do....I'll probably be first in line.

Wow this blog is still here?

So 3 years later....

What can I say I've been busy. Lol. Well a friend mine started her own blog so I thought I'd look into my own forgotten blog. I started this blog to log daily events of my life but I guess I wasn't ready to let all that out. Also I can't remember to blog everyday. So I've decided to blog about my hobbies. What I really enjoy to do is play video games, gadgets, watching movies and tv shows. So thats what my blog will be about from now on. When I watch something new or play something new or even buy a new gadget I will post my experiences here. So enjoy


Thursday, September 13, 2007

My 2 days on Rota

I had a great time in Rota even though I had to work. I was able to get all my work there done with the help of my co-worker mike. Rota customs is happy now, they can actually use the new BMS system. DOF is happy because their computers are fixed. I'm happy because for two days I got to eat nothing but coconut crab and deer. Thanks to Kelvin Atalig for once again hosting us. Everytime we go there he's always provided a night of activities for us.

One thing that came up while drinking with him was the cost of goods on Rota. It's insane how much food and other stuff costs there. Gas prices to are high. We had a rent a car and when we filled up the gas tank it cost us $11.00 for 2.7 gallons. I don't think I could afford to live there.

Anyways I'm looking forward to visiting Rota again but next time it won't be for the government.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rota for 2 days

I'll be in rota on monday and tuesday. If I have some time I'll try and post something then. Maybe I'll post something from the AsParis restaurant it's nice that they have free internet access from there. I'll be there for work fixing DOF's computers and other computer related problems.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Cable? What is that?

I haven't had cable for the past 5 years now. I was tired of all the crap MCV was putting out on a daily basis. I would be watching a movie and then 30 minutes into the movie the BLUE SCREEN from hell would pop on and then be replaced with a show that aired the day before. Not to mention all the shows were about 1 week late unless of course the show didn't arrive then it would be 2 weeks late or not even air at all. So I went over to MCV canceled my service and spent my money elsewhere. Unfortunately there was no replacement service, Saipan Cable TV folded so I couldn't get my shows anywhere else. I eventually realized I didn't miss cable at all. I read more books, played more video games and went outside a lot more.

I did however miss a couple of shows like Scrubs, Dead Like me, and My Name is Earl. I solved this problem though when DSL was finally introduced to the island. I now download all my shows via Torrents. So while everyone else on saipan is a week late on the latest 24 or Heroes I get it 1 hour after it has aired in the states. I also download shows that have been off air for awhile now. I caught up on the Sopranos (What the hell was up with that series finale?), Eureka (best damn show on Sci-fi right now), Heroes (can't wait till this starts up again), 24 (season 6 was a disappointment), Farscape (possibly THE greatest sci-fi show ever). List goes on and on.
I burn all my shows onto dvd-r discs and are readily available anytime I want to watch them.

So folks you really don't need cable, fill your time doing other things or just download your favorite shows.


I got into bleach in 2005, It's the story of Ichigo Kurosaki a teenage a boy who can see ghosts/spirits. He eventually meets a Death God (Shinigami) named Rukia. Rukia saves his sisters from an evil Hollow but is injured during the battle. In order to defeat the Hollow Rukia gives Ichigo her Death God powers and Ichigo is able to send the Hollow to the After Life (Soul Society). While Rukia recovers from her injuries, Ichigo is tasked with the job of Death God. It is his responsibility to send all Hollows to the Soul Society and to also send any lingering spirit to the Afterlife (soul Society).

If you would like to watch this anime you can download the episodes at all you need is a bit torrent client (I use bitlord) and a video player.

You can download the torrent client bitlord from

For a video player you can use VLC . You can download this from

Another Anime I watch is Naruto, you've probably heard of this from Cartoon Network. I suggest watching the Japananese Versions with English subtitles. The english dubbed naruto is terrible compared to the Japanese versions.

Both these shows can be downloaded at Dattebayo.